Saturday, July 23, 2016

I liked this better than the first one. Although I think that's because a lot of the back story and characters had to be set up in Lowcountry Boil. With the second in the series, the reader could jump right in and get involved with the story. Liz is working on a new (and quite fascinating) new investigation, while dealing with her ex, Michael, and a possible new love interest, her partner Nate. I really enjoyed this one!

The Lady in the Attic (Annie's Attic Mysteries #1) by Tara Randel

I found this book on accident when looking for something else at the library. I love a good mystery, and this is definitely one! After her grandmother passed away, Annie returns to the place she spent many childhood summers. Widowed and feeling lonely, Annie had no plans to stay long, but soon finds herself caught up in a mystery that her grandmother left her. This was a fun cozy mystery and I'm looking forward to more in the series.