Friday, August 5, 2016

Review - Lady Grace's Husband Hunt by Ava Stone

Lady Grace Post knows her great-uncle, the Duke of Danby, wants to see her married. She decides to find her own husband before he can shackle her to some boring old man. Since she can't have the man she's loved for years, she begins to search for someone to marry.

The Earl of Prestwood, Oliver Ashbee, wants nothing more than to be the husband Grace desires. Yet despite their feelings for one another, they cannot be together. Can the Duke of Danby work his magic before Grace marries a substitute for true love? Will Oliver spend his life pining for the woman who owns his heart?

This was such a lovely story! I can't even express how much I loved this novella. At one point, my heart broke during the scene in the garden. I've never teared up so many times in a novella before. The author's writing truly reflects the pain of living through a break-up, and what happens after - when you cannot have what your heart wants.


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