Monday, September 26, 2016

Vexed - Castle Keyvnor

This is one of four books about Castle Keyvnor. Each book contains three romantic stories set against the spooky background of the Castle. The stories are slightly intertwined, yet each can be read as a stand-alone story.

Erica Ridley’s Romancing the Rogue:
Miss Rebecca Bond finds herself in need of a husband (and a new home)! The only problem: after years of being alone with no one to talk to, she needs to practice her flirting before she searches for true love. What better man to start with than the rake who broke her heart years before? Daniel Goodenham, Viscount North Barrows, knows this is finally his chance to apologize for his past behavior, but is surprised when Rebecca only wants him to teach her how to snag a husband. As the story progresses, Daniel finds that he wants to be the man she marries. But can she overcome the hurt he has caused in the past?

Ava Stone’s Once Upon a Moonlit Path:
What happens when you see ghosts, but no one else does? Lady Cassandra "Cassy" cannot wait to leave Castle Keyvnor. The ghostly man in black is not helping her reputation of being a sane woman. Jack Hazelwood, Lord St. Giles, finds himself falling in love with Cassy. However, she keeps having visions no one else does. Can he get past this (and the fact that her father hates him), or will these factors keep them apart?

Elizabeth Essex’s Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea:
Nessa Teague never stopped thinking of Lord Harry Beck, and she is delighted to see he has returned to Bocka Morrow. ​She attempts to enchant him, but her plan goes awry. Not only does she think of delving deeper into magic by contacting a local witch, but Harry finds himself in a mystery as well as he searches for smugglers. This one had more action that the other two, but still was a good read.

​I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. ​

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