Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happiness is...not moving

When Keith and I bought this house seven years ago, I was pregnant with Boy. We bought a 3-bedroom, 1 bath tri-level in an older subdivision. We figured we would live here for about five years, then move to something bigger. And we bought a house with three bedrooms because we had planned on having two kids. Little did we know, God had other plans for us! Having three kids means that two kids have to share a room. The twins have shared a room since day one. Well technically day 122 because they slept in our room for the first four months. Despite comments from certain people, the twins are still sharing a room. And they are so happy together.

However, our plan to move to a new home when Boy was five was no longer our plan. Recession, economy, and daycare costs for twins cut into our plan to move to a bigger and better house.  Not that there is anything wrong with our house - except there is no true basement.  Keith was able to build a fantastic bathroom, complete with fancy shower, on the lower level.  He added a coat closet on the main floor. He built us an office space on the lower level as well, that is sectioned off with a half-wall so there is a distinction between office and family room.

But still we struggled with moving or not moving? Do we have enough for a down payment on a new house? Could we sell our current house? Would I be able to give up my beautiful backyard that I find so peaceful? Do I seriously want to pack up an entire house while working full-time? (Ok, those last two were my own concerns, Keith didn't care.)

On Sunday, we talked about it yet again.  And decided that we are staying. We love the house, love the neighborhood, love the backyard, love the extra large 2 car garage (that's all Keith).  We are going to get our roof looked at for hail damage and maybe have it replaced. We need a few new windows because some have their seals broken. I'm getting a new front door! And....... after Keith finishes building my faux fireplace for the living room... and loft beds for the kids.... he's going to build me a screened in back porch! Perfect for reading on a hot summer night.

Here are some older pictures, but I wanted to show off my beloved backyard!


  1. That is a beautiful backyard. Not sure I would want to give it up either.

  2. It is a lovely backyard! We are in the same boat and have decided to make our current house our dream house (slowly)