Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

I was born on the 13th of December, so I've always considered 13 to be my lucky number.  Many people are spooked by the number, and even more spooked by the legends and lore that go along with Friday the 13th.  However, I am not a sufferer of triskaidekaphobia. In fact, I revel in the spookiness!

And maybe today is a good day to share one of my favorite pictures.  I enjoy going on ghost tours, and have been on various tours in Chicago, Philadelphia, and of course New Orleans.

The picture below is from Chicago.  It is a close-up shot of the second story of Hull House.  For those that don't know the history, you can read about it here.  But that is the historical account of the museum.  For the real creepiness lies in its old legends - the wife of Charles Hull died in the house and is said to haunt the front rooms.  She is referred to as the Lady in White. It is also rumored that in 1913, a woman gave birth to a "devil baby" with horns and a tail, and brought it Hull House.  Jane Addams, was not being able to baptize the child, and supposedly locked it away in the attic. This story is the inspiration for the movie, Rosemary's Baby.

Whether or not the house is haunted, I cannot say for sure.  All I know is that there is something strange going on in the left window on the second story in my picture.

(There are two orbs in the picture as well, but those could be a light reflection. Or not.)

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  1. So when I come to Chicago, will you take me on a ghost tour?