Friday, May 31, 2013

30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Beginning tomorrow (June 1 - because I'm the kinda person who can't start a 30 day challenge in the middle of the month), I'm embarking on my own 30 day mindfulness challenge. And since I'm making it up as I go along, I'm using this time as a re-awakening of sorts. I've been feeling a change coming, a metamorphosis of sorts, for awhile now.  I was just having a hard time concentrating on what was to be.  So I decided to use the first 30 days of summer to focus on me. 

Of course, I still have my mom, wife, and work responsibilities, so I don't expect it to be a perfect month. However, I am going to try my best to focus on these areas of my life.

I will be mindful of my health - by eating clean as much as I can, exercising every day, and resting when I feel the need. I will get more sleep.

I will be mindful of my time - I find myself consumed with things that ultimately really don't matter. Like worrying about a particular situation. Or laying on the couch, mindlessly surfing FB for the umpteenth time a night.  When I'm at work, I need to focus on work. When I am at home, I need to focus on home. And when I am alone - those rare, peaceful times - I will focus on ME.  And with that, I need to step back from all the time I spend with the different forms of social media.

I will be mindful of my spiritual side - I talk to God daily. But I feel a call to nature, to the life outside my window. I will spend more time outside with the beauty God has made.

I will be mindful of others - I will put myself in your shoes before I form an opinion of you. I will not judge. I will not give harsh advice. I will be open to listening to you.

And I will write. I will journal and blog and write the story that keeps filling my head and my dreams. I will write a poem a day, like I did for years in grade school and high school and college.

I will be mindful of me.

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  1. Now I feel guilty for having messaged you when you were at work.

    But sounds like a peaceful month. xxx