Monday, May 13, 2013

A Day of Me

Now, some might say that I had the best Mother's Day because my husband had the best day before Mother's Day, riding his bike to B.F.E. and snapping pictures of himself next to Yogi Bear. Did he just want to make it up to me for being gone most of the day???

Well.... I'll take it. ;)

Connor's idea was to bring me breakfast in bed.
He had given me the options of an omelette, toast or cereal.
I asked if we could substitute a StarBucks
breakfast sandwich.
From left to right:
The bracelet Keira made me (Colin's needed some tape),
My sandwich, flowers from Keith,
a glass of milk (they left the vanilla latte downstairs),
and the newspaper and cards from Keith and Connor.
My sister and I treated my mom to
a kid-free brunch at a century-old farmhouse
(complete with gift shop and tea room)
We sampled all the desserts

The view by the barn
Just us girls
I like to treat myself to things.
I saw this box and thought,
What a great reminder!

My new chair for the deck!
And Keira holding my new bird feeder as well.

Dinner was picked up from my favorite Mexican place,
then after baths and bed time
(and 8 more times of putting Boy back to bed),
I relaxed by finishing my book that I had only
just started earlier in the day.
(That alone made it the best day ever!)

I am truly blessed.

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  1. Glad you had a wonderful day. You deserve it!

    BTW - loving those desserts. They look great.