Thursday, July 18, 2013


Reading: An advanced copy of Erin Knightley's Flirting with Fortune. I'm almost done (I hate when life gets in the way of reading a great book!) Look for a review in the coming days! I'm also juggling it with Fifth Grave Past the Light by Darynda Jones. Because seriously, I love me some Charley and Reyes. (Mostly Reyes.)
Listening to: Right now on Spotify, I've got a mix of music playing.  Lately I've been drawn to songs that I used to listen to back in college (think 90s alternative). A song can take me back to that exact moment when I first heard those musical chords. It brings back feelings that I thought were lost. It comforts me when I am feeling down. And it reminds me to live in the moment, because time changes so quickly. Annnnnndddddd..... Add it Up by the Violent Femmes always reminds me of that time I got hit in the head by a shoe in their mosh pit... my family still makes fun of me for that. ;)
Thinking about: This weekend, and my time alone on a (hopefully sunny and warm) beach! Keith is doing a race, and I'm going along to rest and relax on the beach support him. 
Watching: Nothing! I don't really watch tv in the summer. Although on my lunch breaks at work, I try to catch up on the latest episode of The Daily Show. Because summers suck at this place, and I find myself needing to laugh right around lunch time so I can make it through the afternoon. 
Bummed out on: Summer is almost over. And that means THE TWINS ARE HEADED TO KINDERGARTEN!!! And I will HAVE A SECOND GRADER!!! Sorry, didn't mean to yell.  But I'm dealing with my no-more-babies, what-do-I-when-they-are-big-kids, omg-this-means-homework-every-freaking-night issues. 

Loving: My new dress! On clearance at ON.  BTW, did you know that on Wednesdays, ON card holders get an additional 40% off?!?! Neither did I, until I went shopping last night! And picked up this cute little dress for $6. That's right folks, six whole dollas!

So, how about you? What are you up to today?

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